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Security Access

We can help protect your investment by installing an Alarm Intruder Detection System. An alarm system provides peace of mind, and beyond the threat of burglary our systems can also be designed to provide an immediate response in the event of a personal emergency.

Any alarm system is a deterrent to burglary, and an ordinary smoke detector might alert the neighbours, however the most effective strategy is to link your alarm system with a Back-to-Base Monitoring Service. This will ensure that in the case of intruder entry, the police will be notified immediately. If your health is a concern, the panic switch can be programmed to trigger an event such as notify the emergency service or SMS/call a friend/relative and leave a message.

Your alarm system can also be interfaced with your lighting system to activate certain lights when your system is disarmed or turn all lights off and set your lights to away mode when your system is armed.

Cameras can be installed to monitor the front door or keep an eye on the baby in the nursery. The picture can be viewed by switching to the channel programmed on your Television anywhere in the house.

The possibilities are endless — start by reading more about Inner Range Intelligent Security Systems.

Lighting Control

A lighting Control System provides lighting solutions only limited by imagination. It can be programmed to automate virtually any electrical load giving endless possibilities.

Imagine arriving home to a house that lights up to welcome you, lighting up the inside of your home from the entry to the kitchen and the stairway to upstairs. Heading out? At the press of a button you can activate the “Goodbye Scene”, all the lights fade to off. Hear a strange noise at night? Activate the “Panic Scene” on the bedside switch and your whole house can be lit up instantly. Forget walking around your house turning off all the lights left on by the kids, sensors can be installed with time delays turning off lights when no movement has been detected for a predetermined time.

Control groups of lights in the theatre room with the press of a single button. Watch the lights dim, curtains close, projector screen drops as your favourite movie begins.

There are a wide variety of controller’s available that will seamlessly blend in to any décor allowing you to choose from a combination of:

  • Key Input Units
  • Touch screens – Monochrome or Colour
  • Remote Controllers
  • Dynamic Labelling Technology

You can create an envious living experience that not only compliment’s and enhances your lifestyle, but at the same time adds value and appeal to your investment as well as saving you energy and the environment!

With a “Structured” home network, you can enjoy the benefits of sharing all the home essential digital services throughout the house to any room of your choice:

Windows and Coverings

Conveniently control your window furnishings from anywhere in your home or let your home automation control this automation at scheduled times or preset light/temperature levels.


Conveniently control your entire home with a combination of your existing devices like smart tablets and smart phones, or select from our fixed in-wall or portable High Definition control interfaces that can be strategically located around your home. You can even take your controls with you and control your home from the other side of the earth! How’s that for convenience!

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